Built with Love

All our games are built with fun in mind for all ages, because being serious is really quite boring. Free hugs and all that…

Honest and Fair

Our games contain Flurry Analytics to see what part of the universe we are popular in but do not contain any form of spyware, malware or anything dodgy that you should be worried about.

Mobile Games

We develop fun and challenging games for smartphones and tablets. Take the fun with you, wherever you go.

Group Hugs

We are community driven and and thrive on feedback, we want to listen to what you have to say. We do like chatting too, say hello on our Twitter.

What have you done

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    Zombie Clicker
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    bunnAI: Revelations of a Robotic Rabbit
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    CyberLight Rider
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    TYME unspent
  • What are you doing

  • bunnAI: Revelations of the Robotic Rabbit
  • The minions have arisen!